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Software Engineer Salaries in Bahrain: The Ultimate Guide [Updated 2023]

Software Engineer Salaries in Bahrain

In this guide, we’ll share the most relevant salary resources for developers in Bahrain. We will also provide the data regarding actionable salary ranges for every career level.

Average salary for Software Engineers in Bahrain

Let’s start by looking at the overall average for software engineering jobs in Bahrain.

This data is easy to find. In fact, if you search in Google, you’ll find countless resources claiming to know the average salary of software engineers in Bahrain. Let’s look at some examples.

Glassdoor says the average yearly base salary of a Software Engineer in Bahrain is BHD 8400.

Payscale says the average yearly base salary of a Software Engineer in Bahrain is BHD 8760.

So, we can safely assume the average salary of a Software Engineer in Bahrain to be around BHD 8500.

This is for all experience levels, so we can assume averages for new grads to be lower while more experienced engineers will earn a bit more.

Average Salary of Software Engineers Company wise

Here we are providing the salary of software developers based on their experience and company.

Keep in mind that not all of these include bonuses and stock incentives.

We won’t provide specifics about every data point, but they should all be for software development roles or similar (e.g. backend, front-end, dev ops, iOS/Android, ML, data science etc).

We’ll provide links, so we highly recommend checking them out for more details.

average salary of software developers in Bahrain


Search for Bahrain (or Manama) to filter the data. Here are some data points for Bahrain:

CompanyJob / Years of ExperienceSalary
The Cohen International GroupSoftware Engineer BHD 9K
MindzerSoftware Engineer BHD 7.2K
01 Systems
Software Engineer BHD 9.6K
RamadaSoftware EngineerBHD 7.2K
AmazonSoftware EngineerBHD 3.2K

Bahrain Software Engineers salary ranges by level

There are a lot of factors that affect salaries. We’ll try to cover a few of them and then give what we think is a “good” salary for each experience level.

Already being in Bahrain will give you a leg up because more companies will be willing to talk to you. And of course the more relevant programming experience you have the better.

degree in a related field like Computer Science will also help.

Also, foreign companies will usually pay more than domestic companies on the whole (though there are exceptions). And while this isn’t specific to Bahrain, soft skills like being able to sell yourself and knowing how to negotiate your salary can also make a big difference.

Given all of the above caveats, here’s what we think software Engineers should aim for in terms of salary.

Software Engineers salary Bahrain

Salary Range: Junior Software Engineers in Bahrain

The estimated salary for a Junior Software Engineer is BHD 475 per month in the Manama area.

Even 1 year of coding experience can increase your market value a lot, so we wouldn’t recommend taking a job for less than ~BHD 500 per month.

Salary Range: Mid-career Software Engineers in Bahrain

Let’s define “mid-career” as 3-5 years of experience.

As an experienced developer, you can earn in the range of BHD 700 per month.

Again, outlier companies can pay more, but most positions at decent companies will pay somewhere in this range.

Salaries are trending up

It’s clear that the demand for developers has never been higher, and the gap between supply and demand is forecast to keep growing for at least the next decade or so. It stands to reason that this will continue to translate to higher salaries as companies become more and more desperate for engineering talent.

More companies are adopting modern development practices and moving away from the traditional methods of outsourcing. That means they’re hiring developers directly and building out dev teams. They’re taking software development seriously instead of trying to outsource them as cheaply as possible.

The need for skilled developers is clear, and the developer community in Bahrain is expanding as a result.

software developers salary Bahrain

Do all companies pay in these ranges?

We’ll be honest with you…

No. They don’t.

In this guide, our focus is on modern companies in UAE, because those are the companies we recommend.

Bahrain’s tech industry is evolving, and there are still legacy companies that don’t value software. So no, some of them don’t pay nearly this well.

Our advice? avoid these companies, and focus on the resources I’ve shared in this guide.

That way, you can target the modern segment of the industry and avoid joining a company with poor work conditions. There are hundreds — if not thousands — of modern companies hiring developers in Bahrain. So ignore the companies giving you low-ball offers, and use the ranges I shared above as your guide.

Do your own research

Have you educated yourself about companies in Bahrain and followed the best practices for finding a job here and still can’t find anything but low-ball offers?

Well, then it might not be a good idea to come to Bahrain just yet. There are thousands of domestic companies here (many of which don’t offer an environment most foreign developers would enjoy).

So if you send enough applications you’ll probably get an offer from one if you drop your standards enough. But I’d advise joining a company under those circumstances.

Here’s a rule of thumb: if a company can’t pay at least BHD 8.5K per year, it should be avoided.

Because as we’ve established, that’s the average salary of a Software Engineer in Bahrain. Go below this value and the chances of a company not respecting their engineers goes up sharply.

So do the chances of using outdated technologies, not gaining transferable skills, having to work lots of overtime and all the other negative things associated with IT in Bahrain.

If you want to come to Bahrain, no matter what and you’re willing to do what’s necessary to improve your situation once you arrive, this might be a valid stepping stone.

But we recommend that most people avoid companies that low-ball them. It’s usually better to stay in your home country and gain some more experience and try again in a year or two.

Bottom line: Bahrain is a valid option

It’s possible to find a high-paying job in Bahrain as a software Engineer.

It requires diligent research and you have to choose a good company that pays market rates for software developers, but it’s possible.

It may be true that not every software engineering job will be fulfilling or high-paying, but that doesn’t matter.

You only need one.