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How to get a Software Engineering job with no experience in Saudi Arabia?

How to get a software engineering job with no experience in Saudi Arabia

As you are reading this, we know that you are a software engineer with little to no experience looking for a Software Engineering job in Saudi Arabia.

You are probably the 100th person reading this article today. So, you should appreciate the fact that there are a lot of people like you in the market now. 

To get a job as a software developer with no experience, you should understand the life of a job poster/recruiter in companies that are hiring a junior software developer now.

Normally, after posting a junior-level job, a recruiter gets a minimum of  200+ applicants in the first week itself. As they don’t have time to go through these many applications, they look at the candidates they know. Most of the time, they conduct interviews based only on referrals.

So, if you are a new grad or barely starting your career, to increase your chances at landing something, PLEASE network!.

So, how should you start?

How to start looking for a Software Engineering job with no experience in Saudi Arabia?

Before you start networking, you should find out the jobs that you wished to apply for.

The easiest way to find a software engineering job in Saudi Arabia is to visit the GulfTechJobs website.

We curate only the best software engineering jobs from top companies in Saudi Arabia and other GCC regions on our website. We vet all the jobs before posting them on our website.

This will prevent you from going to hundreds of other websites and applying random filters to get your desired job.

get a software engineering job with no experience in Saudi Arabia through

Use LinkedIn to connect with people

Assume that you find a few jobs at Careem worthy of applying, from your job search on

Now you should connect with relevant employees at Careem.

You shouldn’t send a connection request to each and every one on LinkedIn. You need to be very strategic in your approach.

Follow the below steps to connect with people on LinkedIn.

First of all,  go to LinkedIn and search “Careem” and land on their company page. You should see something like this.

Use linkedin to connect with people in Saudi Arabia

Then, click on the People tab.

Then, look at the filters that are immediately available.

Use Linkedin to connect with employees of company in Saudi Arabia

And apply some filters!

You want people in Engineering. You want people who went to your college. You want people who studied what you studied. You want people who are first, second, or even third connections. Just add as many filters as you can. The more related they are to you, the better!

Then, start adding people that clear the filters. If they are already a connection – great, send them a message. If they went to your school (this is very helpful) – great, send them a message. If they have your first name – great, send them a message.

But they have to accept your connection first. Some of them won’t. A lot of them will. You really just want 1-3 people.

How to ask a stranger for a referral on LinkedIn?

Once you have at least one person accept your connection request, send them a message! You don’t want more than a paragraph. 1-2 sentences telling them why you are messaging them, 1-2 sentences introducing yourself, and 1-2 sentences to just shoot the shit. Something like:

Hey, my name is X, and I am messaging you because I am interested in a job at Careem. These roles I have sent below seem like a great fit for me (send roles after sending the intro message), and, I would love it if you could refer me. I am a new grad interested in backend development with a focus in data engineering, and I have some experience under my belt that I think would be beneficial to Careem. [insert line about your qualifications]. Thank you so much for everything, and have a great day!

That’s it.

Why should someone refer you?

If they refer you and you get accepted, most companies have a bonus that they offer the employee!. And all they have to do is drag and drop your resume on the internal portal.

Even if they don’t get any money out of it, people like helping other people. Really, it’s true. They do.

And, with a referral, you are almost guaranteed an interview if you:

  1. Have a clean-looking resume and it sounds good. 
  2. You are applying to a role that matches your background/experience, at least loosely.


I’m an entry-level candidate and I can’t find a job listing that fits my skills. Everyone is asking for 2+ years of experience. What to do?

Don’t panic. Job listings are often a “nice to have” list of skills developed by the hiring manager and recruiter for the role. It doesn’t mean you need to fit every bullet point perfectly. Now, this doesn’t mean you should apply to every role ever. It just means that if a job otherwise looks to be entry-level (has a title like “Associate”, “Junior”, etc.) and you fit most of the required skill set, you should apply.

No one ever gets back to my applications. What to do?

If you apply to many, many jobs and never hear back, it’s probably either that you’re applying to roles you are not a fit for, or your resume isn’t catching anyone’s eye. Carefully assess the roles you apply to, and make sure you fit most of the desired qualifications. Then double-check your resume. If possible, have a trusted friend or peer look it over.

Wrapping Up

Getting a software engineering job with no experience in Saudi Arabia is difficult but not impossible. The strategies we mentioned here will help you get a software engineering job in Saudi Arabia.

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