Web Developer ~ Boopin ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time


About the job

The successful candidate will be responsible for the development and maintenance of our server-side web application logic, and database integration, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front end.

The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of web development principles, server-side programming languages, and experience with database technologies.

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop and maintain server-side web application logic using programming languages

such as Python, PHP, Ruby, or Java.

• Work with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic.

• Design and implement efficient and scalable database schemas, queries, and indexes.

• Ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front end by optimizing

application code and database queries.

• Collaborate with the QA team to ensure the quality of the codebase and the stability of the


• Develop and oversee testing schedules in client-server environment, addressing various

browsers and devices to ensure that content is displayed as intended

• Produce quality code, raising the bar for team performance and speed

• Recommend systems solutions by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of custom

development and purchase alternatives

• Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and maintainability

• Troubleshoot and debug issues that arise in the application.

• Keep up to date with the latest web development trends, technologies, and best practices.


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

• At least 3 years of experience in back-end web development.

• Strong knowledge of server-side programming languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, or


• Working knowledge of CMS framework

• Experience with database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

• Familiarity with front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

• Experience with web frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, or Spring.

• Good understanding of web protocols and standards such as HTTP, HTTPS, REST, and


• Excellent foundation in computer science, algorithms, and web design

• Experience in writing highly secure web applications

• Experience with core AWS web-enabling technologies

• Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

• Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment

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