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Software Developer ~ KPS ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Full Time


About the job

Software Developer

Department Description

The digital technology and IT department is responsible for defining and executing the digital strategy road map, ensuring that both immediate and longer-term business goals are met. They are responsible for researching best-in-class technology offerings and choosing the best solutions to meet business needs. Where such technology does not exist, they are responsible for evaluating the design and build of in-house solutions. The department encompasses both traditional IT services and innovative digital technology.

Job Purpose

The purpose of the frontend or backend software developer role is to develop KPS software projects and to take ownership of the development outcomes. The role includes developing, supporting, and testing of KPS software projects.


· Develop and maintain applications so that the operational digitisation goals of the company are met

· Troubleshoot and debug issues that arise in the code, using debugging tools and techniques so that issues are resolved in a timely manner and user experience is not affected

· Implement monitoring and optimisation so that the software applications are reliable, performant and easy to maintain

· Stay up-to-date with the latest development trends and technologies, and evaluate their potential use in current and future projects to ensure the applications are modern and relevant

· Collaborate with other developers to integrate front and backend logic so that the team achieves the company’s objectives

· Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to other developers to maintain a high standard of code quality within the team

· Collaborate with the QA and scrum team to ensure the applications are fully tested and free of defects before deployment, to maintain high quality standards

· Work with project team to estimate timelines and deliverables and provide regular updates on progress and blockers, to deliver projects on time and within budget

· Continuously improve the development process and workflows and contribute to the development of best practices and standards so that the team can operate more efficiently and effectively

· Participate in the scrum process to ensure that the development plan is well understood, and that the development outcomes are clear to minimise rework and to meet the business objectives

Qualifications, Experience and Skills Required

· Bachelor’s degree in computer science or relevant technology domain

· Demonstrated experience in software development

· Demonstrated experience in agile development methodologies

· Demonstrated proficiency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

· Experience with DevOps

· Knowledge of software development principles including object-oriented programming, SOLID principles, and design patterns

· Demonstrated experience with quality control in software teams

· Demonstrated communication and collaboration skills

· Demonstrated attention to detail

Additional for frontend developers

· Experience in front-end development using Angular/React

· Demonstrated proficiency with front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation or Material Design

Additional for backend developers

· Familiarity with database technologies including SQL Server and MongoDB

· Experience with .NET Core

· Experience in C# and designing RESTful APIs