Senior Software Engineer ~ ISA ~ United Arab Emirates 

Full-time · Mid-Senior level


About the job

Job Purpose

Provides development expertise across the various streams in the software development domain. Responsible for implementation and quality automation of the software products of ISA. Assists in the delivery of software projects and implementation of technologies. Understands industry best practices and adopts the emerging technologies agreed.
Key Result Responsibilities

  • Delivers software products and components for ISA provides technology expertise and contributes to
  • technology stack, design, development, deployment and automated testing.
  • In collaboration with product team, project managers, and IT solutions managers, assists in translating
  • business needs into technical implementations in line with the architectural principles laid down for ISA
  • products.
  • Assists in testing and implementation of technical solutions reviews technical documentation, user guides,
  • training manuals, and system specifications ensuring quality, compliance, and completeness.
  • Assists in reviewing giving feedback on specifications and information of the architectural design provided
  • by product team.
  • Co identifies the technical tools and languages needed for the design execution in line with the adopted
  • technical and quality standards.
  • Ensures the User Interfaces used for the product are in line with requirements and rightly implemented.

Key Result Responsibilities-Continued

  • Assists in identifying and implementing best practices, new trends, and emerging technologies that bring
  • best value to ISA clients partners with cross functional teams to explore ways and means to adopt such
  • technologies.
  • Assists in Implementing agreed remedies and preventative measures in compliance with the architecture.
  • Assists ISA teams to meet agreed service levels provides needed status reports to specialists, users, and
  • managers as requested.
  • Acts provactively to ensure continuous knowledge sharing within ISA to empower other team members.
  • Maintains effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including project managers,
  • product, operations, governance and enterprise development teams.
  • Participates and influences thinking and decision making with respect to technology to the best of ISA.
  • Performs any other additional responsibilities as directed by the line manager.

Qualifications (Academic, Training, Languages)

  • Bachelors degree in IT Engineering,Computer Science,Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Fluent in English Language.

Work Experience

  • Minimum 3 years in software development with 2 years at least in a DevOps Engineer capacity.
  • Holistic IT Knowledge in heterogeneous technology environments, experienced in different types of technology stacks.
  • DevOps principles and stages of CICD process from source code management, to build, deploy and test automation,
  • finishing with production deployment
  • Working experience in designing solutions for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS based set ups.
  • Experienced in core system configuration and systems testing.
  • Experienced in cloud environments.
  • Familiar with production operations and site reliability engineering principles
  • Exposure on technical leadership, technical solutions design.
  • Strong object oriented programming concepts.
  • Strong development skills in one or more popular programming languages.
  • Capable of analyzing data and identifying pitfalls.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Employs technical expertise and interpersonal relations to execute new initiatives and achieve companys objectives.
  • Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.

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