SAP HANA Developer ~ Speridian Technologies ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

Speridian Technologies

About the job


  • Minimum 4+ years of development and design experience in SAP HANA 2.0 and Javascripting (add-on)
  • Hands on experience in performance tuning, debugging, monitoring

Technical Skills

  • Understanding XS Advanced and HDI to support HANA development in SQL
  • Develop native applications on the SAP HANA XS Advanced
  • Extensive experience in creating multi-target and client-server communication services based on Node.js and XSODATA
  • Persistence via Core Data Services and Analytical Data Model via Calculation Views
  • Thorough understanding of different types of Information views with common view design features
  • Extensive knowledge in using nodes in calculations views (projections, joining, aggregations, ranking & star joins etc)
  • Extensive knowledge in modeling functions, input variables/parameters, hierarchies and filtering
  • Thorough understanding of securing in hana modeling (viz. roles, privileges, masking sensitive data, analytic privileges and anonymizing data)
  • Linux OS configuration and use, including shell scripting.
  • Well versed with Agile, DevOps and CI/CD principles (GitHub, Jenkins etc.), and actively involved in solving, troubleshooting issues in distributed services ecosystem
  • Experience in designing, building, testing and implementing security systems – including identifying security design gaps in existing and proposed architectures and recommend changes or enhancements.
  • Responsible for adhering to established policies, following best practices, developing and possessing an in-depth understanding of exploits and vulnerabilities, resolving issues by taking the appropriate corrective action.
  • Understand basics of Networking including DNS, Proxy, ACL, Policy and troubleshooting
  • High level knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements of data including but not limited to encryption, anonymization, data integrity, policy control features in large scale infrastructures
  • Understand data sensitivity in terms of logging, events and in memory data storage– such as no card numbers or personally identifiable data in logs.
  • Implements wrapper solutions for new/existing components with no/minimal security controls to ensure compliance to bank standards.

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