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Lead Programmer ~ Savvy Games Studios ~ Riyadh

Full Time

Savvy Games Studios

About the job

Savvy Games Studios (SGS) mission is to create a world-leading game studios in Saudi Arabia, creating high-quality games for international audiences.

Also to help Saudi’s passionate gaming sector to develop homegrown IP and more broadly, make KSA a global hub for gaming.

As part of the SGS team, you will work alongside the best global gaming talents who have relocated to Riyadh to be part of the ambitious group, and innovative, passionate and hardworking Saudis.

SGS is seeking a Lead Gameplay programmer with experience and expertise in the mobile domain. In this role, your responsibilities would include prototyping and implementing core modules for the game (together with other developers in the team). You, along with your team, would be the critical member architecting new features and optimizing the game to run smoothly on mobile devices.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Take critical technical decisions related to the games, tools, software, and 3rd party tools.
  • Understand the game design and create technical solutions for them. Understand the AI/gameplay needs of the creative director and game designers in terms of feature developments and assess the technical feasibility.
  • Analyze existing AI/gameplay features in the engine and see if they are suitable in light of the design intentions
  • Design and implement scalable game architectures.
  • Collaborate with designers to discuss constraints and set out the technical possibilities for the various AI/gameplay features.
  • Establish sharing and code review practices within the team.
  • Ensure the team code is clear and structured, keeping in mind the performance, memory, maintenance, extensibility, and compatibility requirements.
  • Lead and participate in the creation of smooth development pipelines and processes.
  • Ability to write clean and manageable code.
  • Train and mentor other developers in the team.
  • Ensure the teamwork with other departments (design, animation, FX, Sound) to develop the tools required to efficiently adjust AI/gameplay systems
  • Ensure the team document the work to share knowledge and enable users (programmers and other departments) to understand how to use the new AI/gameplay systems and features;

Qualifications and Key Skills:

  • Passion for creating and playing games
  • Should have shipped multiple mobile games.
  • Analytical problem-solving skills.
  • Strong leadership experience and ability to nurture and grow talent within the team.
  • Experience in managing multiple prototyping or development teams.
  • Possesses strong skills in Unity3D development and C#.
  • Strong understanding of mobile graphics pipeline.
  • Excellent understanding of the mobile device limitations and the platform fragmentation.
  • A clear understanding of various protocols like HTTP, TCP, etc.
  • Understanding databases would be helpful in day-to-day job.
  • Experience with multiple mobile games with complete life cycle development of the game.
  • Experience with F2P as a player and a developer.

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