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Lead Data Scientist ~ The Prime Technology Systems ~ Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

The Prime Technology Systems

About the job

To lead a data science team and identify high impact solutions to improve technical aspects of the product life cycle and increase ROI on product solutions and processes


  • Lead and guide data scientist teams to create, refine and optimize data science models and data-driven algorithms to ensure up-to-date, efficient and with the desired quality outputs.
  • Coordinate with Product Managers and participate in interactions with clients to support/ understand their technical requirements and the feasibility of implementation.
  • Coordinate with managers in the data science function to translate the technology roadmap into actionable analyses and insights that enable AIQ to improve ROI, product costs and product optimization.
  • Contribute to the solution design, in collaboration with other data scientists, product and project management teams to drive value to customers by solving Oil & Gas problems through AI solutions.
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of organizational data structures and metrics, advocating for changes were needed to improve product, and customer experience.
  • Ensure data science teams have the rights skills to complete product / project work at a high-quality standard in a timely manner
  • Contribute to data preparation activities: data extraction, cleaning, auditing and ensure data quality control by proactively analysing the quality of data produced.


  • Experience with common game engines, including Unity.
  • Knowledge in 3D models editing and how to change UV and rescaling.
  • Knowledge in 3D models animation.
  • Knowledge on VR/AR technologies.
  • Experience with C++, C#, SQL, and .NET.
  • Experience with developing 3D applications.
  • Experience with Web Development, Shaders, Multiplayer Networking, AI, 3D Modeling, UI Implementation, Animation, or UI/UX.
  • 6+ Years of experience.