Computer Vision C++ Developer ~ Microavia ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Full Time


About the job

Microavia is a manufacturer of drones and we are going to make them really smart.

Work objectives: Processing video streams from two or more RGB-cameras of an autonomous quadrocopter for 3D-sensing the environment.


C++ programming for Nvidia Jetson

Classical Computer Vision and Stereo Vision models and algorithms

Using the AirSim as a test environment and simulated video source

Use and update the preloaded 3D-Landscape

Single/Multi Camera calibration

Key skills: C/C++, Microsoft AirSim, Computer Vision


C/C++, Microsoft AirSim

On-Edge Computing, Nvidia Jetson

Camera Calibration, Distortion Compensation

Optical Flow, Interest Point Detection, Photogrammetry, Image Stitching

Stereo Calibration and Rectification, Disparity map, Two-view geometry

Visual Odometry or Visual SLAM, Projective Geometry

Data Gathering, Data augmentation

KITTI or Cityscapes 3D datasets

DepthNet, MagicPoints

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