ADAS / UAV Sensing Software Engineer ~ Microavia ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time


About the job

Microavia is a manufacturer of drones and we are going to make them really smart!

We are a full cycle company and develop printed circuit boards, cameras, payloads in both hardware and software. The core product is a drone in a box with a fully autonomous use case, controlled from our own web-based flight control system for mission development and planning.

Work objectives: Develop Obstacle Sensing algorithms for autonomous UAVs


Microsoft AirSim as a synthetic data source

Binocular/Monocular 3D-reconstruction for Free Space Scanning

ML models optimization for real-time

C++ programming for Nvidia Jetson

Realization the SotA models from the papers

Data Processing pipeline for internal test-bench

Fusion scanned 3D-scene with preloaded 3D-Landscape

Design of Real World Tests

Must have:

Microsoft AirSim, C/C++, 3D-reconstruction algorithms


Microsoft AirSim, C/C++

Familiar with Lidars, Radars, Depth cameras, Time-of-Flight sensors

Scene Understanding, DepthMap calculation

Single camera, Binocular System and Multi Camera calibration

Corner Point Detectors, Multiple View Geometry

DepthMaps and PointClouds processing

Data Gathering, Data augmentation, KITTI and Cityscapes datasets

DepthNet and SuperPoints neural architectures

On-Edge Computing

Would be nice:

ADAS or UAV experience

FishEye lens

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